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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There's Gonna Be A Catfight!

Artist: Nancy Sinatra
Song: Leave My Dog Alone (b-side) (a-side is In Our Time)
Label: Reprise 0514
Number: J 4470
Songwriters: Lee Hazelwood
Time: 2:06
Released: 1966

And now for Part 2 of my special Cats and Dogs themed posts.
I'm sure most everybody has heard of Nancy Sinatra. Born the first daughter of Frank and Nancy Sinatra in Jersey City, New Jersey, on June 8th, 1940, she went on to have a stellar career of her own. Most known for her big smash hit These Boots Are Made For Walkin', she also performed in motion pictures, television, night clubs and on records.
For her fourth birthday, Phil Silvers and Jimmy Van Heusen wrote the song Nancy (With the Laughing Face), which her father recorded. But, she began her own career as a singer and an actress in the early 1960's. At first, not achieving much success, although popular in Europe and Japan, she perservered and finally recorded the trans-atlantic smash pop hit These Boots Are Made For Walkin'. It was such a huge number that she performed the song, wearing white go-go boots, in front of our troops during the Vietnam War. In 1967, she paired with her father, Frank, for her second number one hit, Something Stupid. Other hits of hers include How Does That Grab You, Darlin'?; You Only Live Twice, from the James Bond film of the same name; Sugar Town, Friday's Child, Love Eyes and Lightning's Girl, among others.
Thanks to a highly celebrated appearance in Playboy Magazine, in 1995, she has kept her name in front of the public. She continues to record and perform and in fact, had a recent hit called Let Me Kiss You, in 2004.
Today's song was not a hit, but it's a-side was, #46 in 1966. This tune is a catchy little number where Nancy pleads for people to leave her dog alone. It's not about a pet dog, but is symbolic for her man, like the song Leave My Kitten Alone was about the singer's girl, so taken that way, it makes more sense. Despite the misleading title, though, it's the kind of song that has you bobbing your head up and down before you even realize the song has drawn you in. So, please go for this innocuous little ditty entitled Leave My Dog Along, by Nancy Sinatra and be sure listen to it. You'd better not mess with this girl!

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