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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Champagne Music Lite

Artist: The Lennon Sisters
Song: It Started In Naples (b-side) (a-side is I Get So Lonely)
Label: Dot 45-16114
Number: MB-15085
Songwriters: Cicognini - Savino - Simoni - Gabler
Time: 2:39
Released: June 1960

The Lennon Sisters were featured for many years on the Lawrence Welk Show, between 1955-1968, and had many records on their own. This particular song was featured in the 1960 Clark Gable, Sophia Loren movie entitled It Started In Naples, but performed by a different artist. I've seen the movie and heard the sister's version and I like the one by them better. It features the oh, so smooth vocal harmonies of the sisters, (Peggy, Kathy and Janet - Dee Dee had left the group temporarily) and a really great twin-mandolin lead toward the end! On the record label they are listed as Lawrence Welk Presents The Lennon Sisters. Check out that flock of Italian paisanos that helped to compose it. The arrangement is very authentic sounding and the recording benefits greatly because of it.
The a-side, I Get So Lonely, is a good, uptempo song, so it will make an appearance here someday. I promise! But, while you're waiting for it, be sure to get The Lennon Sisters singing It Started In Naples. It might even have you craving spaghetti and garlic bread after hearing it!

Through online research, it looks like this song is another one that has never been on any album. Discounting for possible foreign releases, I'm almost 99% positive that you won't find this track anywhere else. So, please enjoy it if you're hearing it for the first time. It's quite a lovely tune.

Julie Is Her Name

Artist: Julie London
Song: It's Easy (b-side) (a-side is Voice In The Mirror)
Label: Liberty F-55139 (White Label Promotional Copy - Not For Sale)
Number: 45-LB-848
Songwriter: R. Bagdasarian
Time: 2:01
Released: 1958

The first 45 r.p.m. that I'm going to post turns out to be rare. In fact, it doesn't even appear to have ever been included on any album, much less a CD compilation. The artist I'm speaking about is, of course, Julie London. And why this song has never been on any of her albums is a mystery to me. The song is called It's Easy, and was the flipside of the title track she and her husband Bobby Troup wrote for the motion picture she starred in called Voice In The Mirror.
Julie handles the material, which is perfectly suited for her style, quite zestfully. It was written by Ross Bagdasarian - yes.... the same man who created the Chipmunks! What's more amazing is that below Julie's name on the label is the phrase The Music of David Seville. Why this has never seen any other release is beyond me. In my opinion, this song captures the essence of Julie London's talent perfectly. Don't think that because it was a throwaway that it's a substandard number - it's not second-rate by any means! In fact, it's one of my favorite songs by her.
So, make sure you go and get this one, as you've probably never heard it before. You're in for a real treat, I guarantee! Here is Julie London singing It's Easy.

Now, as to the mp3 itself, I apologize if it's not as clear as it could be. I recorded it to my computer about 8 years ago and burned it to cd and this is the version I ripped and uploaded. I meant to re-record it to my computer tonight and do a much better job of cleaning up the sound, but my turntable threw a belt. So, until I can get a replacement, this version will have to do. It's not bad, but I know it could be better. And stay tuned, I'll upload the flipside one of these days. It's a ballad that isn't too bad in it's own right, with the orchestrations for it being handled by Pete King.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Rare 45's

Welcome to Music For Every Mood. As the title suggests, there will be a lot of music, and of varying styles. I'm digging through my collection of 45's and most of them are from the 1950's. There will be a lot of female voices represented, such as Julie London (my fave) Peggy Lee, Patti Page, Sue Raney, Debbie Reynolds, Doris Day, Kitty La Nier, The Lennon Sisters, Lily Ann Carol, Caterina Valente, Abbe Lane, Kitty Kallen, Dolores Gray, The Paulette Sisters, Jaye P. Morgan, April Stevens, Denise Lor, Betty Johnson, Connie Francis, Dodie Stevens and one of my all-time favorites, Joan Weber. Well, with that range of artists, I hope you get the idea. And, I hope you come back often to see what I've posted.
A lot of these artists aren't represented on CD and the songs that I hope to share will be next to impossible to find. You won't find them on any CD compilation, so the only hope you'll have of hearing them is to either buy a collection of records from a retired deejay, or just get them here.
I'm not sure how each single will be represented, as there aren't covers for them - just non-descript sleeves. Maybe I'll post a scan of the record label, I'm not sure. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to speak up. I will try to do my best to come up with facts about the singer's life and any data on the recording itself, if possible. I'm not promising anything, but we'll see.

So, prepare yourself for.... music for every mood!