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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Janice Harper Update

If you can see this, that means I fixed Blogger myself.

This is a Janice Harper follow-up, or sorts. Somebody was nice enough to send me scans of a promotional picture Janice was using in the mid-1960's and I have included one of the three images that was on it, below. The party that sent it to me was a husband and wife musical team that used to work in the same Pocono Pennsylvania resort clubs as Janice. The husband led a band that used to back up Janice and other artists that came through such as Bob Hope, Robert Goulet and others. Buddy Hackett played there, as well as the other big stars of the mid- to late-'60's. This couple also told me that the promo photo of her had her booking agent contact information on the back of it - address and telephone number. I tried calling the telephone number, but it just keeps ringing and nobody picks up. I don't know what this means. Obviously somebody still has that number, but it could be a new person or the same person who's had it for years. But, by nobody picking it up, I can't tell for sure which it is. But, I'm still trying to see if she can be traced, so I haven't given up yet!

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