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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The World's Oldest Virgin

Artist: Doris Day
Song: Meditation (b-side) (a-side is How Insensitive)
Label: Columbia 4-43278 (White Label Not For Sale - Radio Station Copy)
Number: JRZSP 72152
Songwriter: N. Gimble - N. Mendonca - A. C. Jobim
Time: 2:55
Released: 1965

Doris Day is the consummate star. She had a really great voice and was a highly underrated actress. Pillow Talk, from 1959, is one of my most favorite movies she made and I seem to watch it at least once a year. As the 1960's unfolded, however, her popularity on the silver screen started to wane. Mainly because of the roles she was given, she became somewhat typecast playing characters that were naive and of purest virtue. This led to her getting the tag of "the world's oldest virgin."
Which brings us to today's post. The single featuring the song Meditation was from an album released in 1965 called Latin For Lovers, and was recorded on November 2nd, 1964, in a period of declining popularity. Not that her voice had lost any of it's abilities, far from it. If anything, with maturity, her singing was the best it had ever been. Her recording career was concluded by 1967 and the world lost another great voice. But, here you can hear her at a point before she had decided to stop making records. Download Meditation, by Doris Day, and see for yourself what a great talent she was to all her adoring fans.

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