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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Art Of Record Labels

In this short post, I just want to speak about something that comes as an added benefit from going through all my old records. And that is the records themselves - or at least the artwork of the label designs. They come in all manners of beauty. Some subdued, some extravagant, some plain or some overtly fancy. And in each and every one of them, I find something to marvel at. But I just have to say that my two favorite labels are the Sun Records label from the 1950's and the Beatles Apple label, starting in 1968. You can take one look at either of them and you know immediately what you're getting. With the Sun label, it seems to say "there's a bright, new day dawning and it's going to be filled with Rock and Roll!" The Beatles' Apple label just seems so stately and dignified, you know it's going to be classy if it's on Apple. (With only a few exceptions, everything was important on the Apple label. Despite such meanderings as pictured below.)
Since this blog feeds off comments from my readers, I welcome anyone to tell me their favorite record labels, and why. I have pictured two of my prized possessions of vinyl above and below for example. The only reason I used an album label for Apple was because it shows much more of the Apple itself. Due to the theme of this blog, however, I probably won't be posting anything from either label, I just wanted to show them to illustrate my point. But, please don't hesitate to tell me about your favorite label. Or even if you have something to say about one of the artists I've posted or to request something. I welcome any and all comments. You know you're just dying to say something about your favorites!

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