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Monday, December 31, 2007

Coming Attractions For 2008

I'm only getting started here at Music For Every Mood. If you like what I've posted so far, just wait! I have plenty more good stuff to work my way through. Just to mention a few of the artists I will be spotlighting in 2008 are Doris Day, The Four Lads, Billy Ward And His Dominoes, Patti Page, Debbie Reynolds, Kitty La Nier, Billy Eckstine, Johnny Mathis, Kitty Kallen, Dolores Gray, The Paulette Sisters, Betty Johnson, Connie Francis, Dodie Stevens, Ella Mae Morse, Ruth Brown, Jill Corey, Mamie Van Doren, (who, by the way, is still hotter than ever!), Chico Holiday and many more!
And, as always, if you have any requests, please just let me know. I might have the artist you're looking for and will try to post them specially for their fans. Or if you would just like to hear more of an artist I've already covered, be sure to ask for that, too. As a devoted fan myself of Julie London, I will be posting more from her soon, so have no worries on that account!

1 comment:

Sir Of Derek said...

gee whiz! i'm so glad i found this blog of yours, filled with the smooth sounds of jazzy, easy-listening tunes performed by some of my favorite female singers (and abbe lane, whom i didn't know before, was a HUGE revelation! - she looks formidable, too :-))

so please, please, please : keep up the good work! and by the way, i'm ever so jealous of people who succeed in digitizing and improving the quality of their precious old vinyl to mp3 - it still looks like witchcraft to me... :-(

many thanks for your hard work on these fine tunes ... it is much appreciated!

grts from a fan in finland