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Monday, December 31, 2007

The Hyperpolyglot Girl

Artist: Caterina Valente
Song: Secret Love (b-side) (a-side is Oho-Aha)
Label: Decca 9-30778 (Pink Label Sample Copy - Not For Sale)
Number: DU-1579
Songwriter: Sammy Fain - Paul Francis Webster
Time: 2:23
Released: 1959

Caterina Valente was born in Paris, France on January 14th, 1931, into an Italian circus family. Being as her parents were both talented, this is probably why she inherited so much musical ability. Not only can she sing and play the guitar fluently, she can speak and sing in twelve different languages, too. The term for this is where the title of the blog comes from. Caterina is considered a true world citizen and a hyperpolyglot. She became an internationally known vocalist in 1953 when she joined Kurt Edelhagen's orchestra in Germany. She soon signed to Polydor and made her recording debut the same year. Her first big hit was Malaguena, followed by Analucia.
In 1959, she switched to Decca Records and that was when today's track was recorded. Secret Love had been a hit for Doris Day, but when Caterina Valente did it, it seemed like a whole new song - vibrant and alive. The arrangement, with backing provided by Kurt Edelhagen's band, has her talking to herself, urging her on with the song. Beginning with the cryptic "5 seconds from Wolf," she bursts into the song with her voice doubled, echoing some major passages at the beginning. It is a joyous proclamation to the world that her secret love will remain a secret no longer.
I fell in love with her voice from the moment I first heard this track. I'm sure you will, too, so be certain not to miss the original single version of Secret Love by Caterina Valente. It will have your fingers snapping and your toes tapping, I guarantee.

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