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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just Say No

Artist: Dodie Stevens
Song: No (a-side) (a-side is No) (Double a-side)
Label: Dot MB-15012-RE (for broadcast purposes only)
Number: 45-16103
Songwriters: Pockriss-Vance
Time: 1:53
Released: 1960

Born Geraldine Ann Pasquale, Dodie Stevens burst onto the scene with the million-selling novelty song Pink Shoe Laces in 1959, when she was only 13. When her family moved to California when she was 3, she soon started taking singing lessons and by the ripe old age of 8, she recorded her first song, called "Merry-Go, Merry-Go Round." After her first hit, Pink Shoe Laces, which had been released on the Crystalette label, Dot signed her to a recording contract. She scored a couple other minor hits, among which were Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight; Merry, Merry Christmas Baby and today's catchy tune, simply titled No. She married at the age of 16, quite the music business and moved to a farm in Missouri. By 1966, her marriage had ended and she resumed her singing career where she toured with Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77. The 1970's saw her performing as a backup singer with such acts as Boz Skaggs, Frankie Avalon and Loretta Lynn. For 12 years, she was a backup singer with Mac Davis. In the 1990's, she toured with Fabian and recently has performed with her daughter Stephanie and appears at oldies concerts across the nation. She also teaches singing and stage performance.
Today's catchy little song, it's less than 2 minutes long, unfortunately, is called No. It was released by her label Dot at the time when they just didn't know what to do with her marketing-wise. For her albums, they had her singing '40's pop standards and Judy Garland's catelogue because of her strong, adult-sounding voice. But her fans wanted more of the type of songs she was famous for like her first hit. I think if they had released more songs in the style of No, she would have been able to sustain her career for a longer time. She really knows how to get her voice wrapped around this type of arrangement. Backed up with an orchestra conducted by Gerald Dolin and some male background singers, she really commands your attention. I won't give away the twist in the lyrics of the song, but rest assured it will draw you in with her charming execution of it. So be sure to download Dodie Stevens as she sings No. You'll have to get it, because you just can't say no!


Ravel said...

This was recorded by Doris Day and is on her Pillow Talk album. Nice to hear another version! Thanks!

HaarFager said...

I wasn't aware of any other versions, especially one by Doris Day. Thanks, Patrick! I've now had a chance to hear the version by Doris Day, and I have to say that Dodie's arrangement is an almost identical one. Almost a note for note copy. Imitation must indeed be the sincerest form of flattery!