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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday - Music For Every Mood Is 3!

I just noticed, but on November 30th, Music For Every Mood celebrated it's 3rd birthday! Hooray! Faithful followers may have given up on me lately, but things are better now and I hope to post many more records to come. I've always loved music and records and that's why doing this project is so fun for me. There's something special about holding records in your hands, so here are some random records to look at and enjoy.

To commemorate the birthday of MFEM, I've got a special treat for my faithful readers - a song featuring yours truly - that's me - performing one of my favorite songs from the era this blog covers. In it, I play all the instruments and perform the vocals. Maybe my love of music will shine through in the arrangement. So, here's yours truly performing that swinging number called Route 66. Please let me know if you enjoy it by leaving a comment. Happy Birthday!

1 comment:

Ravel said...

Welcome back Kenny! I missed you!
You sing well... What talents you don't have?
Thanks for Patti Page. I listen to her since Allegheny Moon when I was a young boy, with my parents 45's.
I have many 33's, as I collect her, and a surprise was to find her P.P. on Stage on Mercury. Rare?
Happy New Year!