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and the music they sang was really swingin'. Stacks of wax to fit every occasion!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

He's Back....

Well, I'm back. After a short hiatus to deal with my new novel being published, I'm ready to upload more records. My record player had a slight speed problem which needed to be fixed, but now it's up and rarin' to go. Not only will I continue to post the great artists and songs like I have in the past, I have some theme posts coming up as well. These will consist of multiple posts at a time and include such themes as Hollywood actors who sing, sister acts, songs with Hawaiian themes, sibling acts, the Space Age, and things like that. It promises to be loads of fun for me, so I hope my regulars will enjoy it too! And as always, keep those cards and letters coming - you can always post a comment if there's something you liked or would like to hear. Plus, some of the artists are a little obscure, so if you happen to know something about them that I don't, please don't hesitate to post it in the comment section. I'm sure my other regular readers would like to know it too! Well, that's all for now - I have to post some more great records!

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