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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another One From My Julie

Artist: Julie London
Song: Evenin' (b-side) (a-side is Send For Me)
Label: Liberty Audition Record F-55300
Number: LB-1177
Songwriters: Parish - White
Time: 2:40
Released: 1961

Well, regular readers of this blog will note that Julie London is one of my favorite female singers of all time. Is it any wonder I've posted more of her songs than anybody else here on Music For Every Mood? Needless to say, here is another great one! This song was originally featured on the album Send For Me, which was released the year I was born, in 1961.
Today's track is a mid-tempo tune by the name of Evenin'. Listen to her mournful delivery and look at those sultry eyes in the picture below. Is there any wonder to know that guys used to regularly fall in love with that face? Include me among them. Here's another great song by the first lady of torch singing, Julie London as she performs Evenin'. Julie passed away in 2000, but I still have a crush on her.


Anonymous said...

wow! what a beautiful woman she was! and with a voice to match. do you have anymore of her songs?

HaarFager said...

Do I have some more of her songs to share!? I've got a couple more singles that will probably find their way here eventually. One is from a movie she starred in - yes, she was that talented!