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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Janice

Artist: Janice Harper
Song: Moonlit Sea (a-side) (b-side is That's Why I Was Born)
Label: Prep F 123 (Capitol subsidiary)
Number: 45-21759
Songwriters: Murray-Solomon
Time: 2:12
Released: 1957

Regular readers will have seen how popular Janice Harper has been on Music For Every Mood blog, especially if they've kept up will all the recent comments that have been posted. Thanks everyone for posting these comments! One of the comments mentioned that Janice had celebrated a birthday recently, and turned 79 this past April 1st. This is a belated happy birthday greeting from me and all her fans. Happy Birthday, Janice!
In honor of her birthday, I'm posting the flipside to a song that has already been listed here on Music For Every Mood, namely Moonlit Sea. The a-side, That's Why I Was Born, seems to have been a popular choice here, so I figured, why not give her fans both sides of the 45 to enjoy? Well, here is Janice singing Moonlit Sea for all her loyal fans. If only she knew how much she is still fondly remembered.


RainbowSkye said...

What a lovely gesture. I'm sure Janice would be thrilled to receive your birthday greetings. On behalf of Janice, thank you!

bobbi whitrock said...

dear janic.i think about you often.
your very good friend joni.would be so proud of you.i rember you when i was a kidjoni would take me to here you sing.happy birthday.and may the rest of your life will be blessed.joan sister

Thomas said...

Hi there, this is Thomas from Germany. Are there any news concerning our admired Miss Janice Harper? Is she still alive? If so, does anybody visit her on a regular basis and take care of her? If only I'd live in the US...Please tell her that she still has fans over here in Germany who admire her talent and personality and wonder why she didn't become the huge star she deserved...Best Wishes to all! My email address is