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Monday, May 4, 2009

Forever Linda

Artist: Linda Laurie
Song: Prince Charming (a-side) (b-side is Soupin' Up Your Motor)
Label: Rust 5022
Number: ZTSP 65682
Songwriters: L. Stallman - S. Jacobson
Time: 2:11
Released: 1960

If there was ever an artist that could be considered to be the female Ray Stevens, Linda Laurie would be it. She recorded quite a few novelty songs which featured her doing all the voices of the different characters in the songs. Songs such as Ambrose, Part 5, Jose He Say and Chico were all such non-serious songs of hers. But, like Ray Stevens, she had a serious side and attempted standard songs as well.
All told, Linda Laurie's career had a lot of variety to it. She appeared on To Tell The Truth and American Bandstand, in 1959 and 1960 respectively; recorded girl-group songs; wrote a smash-hit recorded by Helen Reddy and co-authored the theme of the classic mid-'70's children's cartoon The Land Of The Lost. She also performed live and appeared in Australia, touring with Lloyd Price, Conway Twitty, The Kalin Twins and a host of Australian Rock'n'Roll stars on the same bill. In addition to all that was the novelty songs I spoke of.
Songs such as Ambrose, Part 5, (and it's sequels Forever Ambrose and The Return Of Ambrose), Chico, Jose He Say and Stay At Home Sue (A parody of Runaround Sue), cemented her fame in the novelty category. But, she also released serious tunes she had recorded such as Stay With Me, Lucky, Lazy Love, All Winter Long, Ooh, What A Lover, When You Find Out Where You're Going Let Me Know, Leave Me Along (Ruby Red Dress), which she recorded herself but Helen Reddy had the huge hit version; and today's featured song Prince Charming.
Prince Charming is a straight ahead pop song of the early rock and roll era and Linda sings it with much sincerity. If all you had ever heard of her was songs like these, you'd be wondering if she had a lot of other hits in this style. Sadly, she did not. I suppose her talent was such that she wanted to do more than just be the next Connie Francis or Brenda Lee and broke off into other genres. If you ever get a chance to hear one of the Ambrose songs or Jose, He Say, you'll see what I mean. She had passion for a lot of things and it shows in even this serious song. Listen to Prince Charming by Linda Laurie and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Such an amazing voice!

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