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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Woman In The Banner

No, it's not the title to some grade b-movie from the late 1940's! It's a reference to the woman who has graced this blog with her presence ever since the beginning. I mean, of course, the blonde in my banner at the top of every page. I posted a song by Janice Harper yesterday and remarked how she resembled that woman. A regular reader posted that perhaps she also resembled Doris Day, as she looked on her Day By Day album cover. Looking through my pictures, I came up with one other person she resembles, so I will post the three images and let my regular readers decide for themselves if perhaps the artist that drew her in the 1950's may have had some particular person in mind when he created her.

Doris Day, as pictured on her Day By Day album cover.

Janice Harper, who you may remember from this post.

And lastly, Sunny Gale, who you were first introduced to in this post here on Music For Every Mood. So, how about it? Do you think any of these three women were the inspiration to the artist who drew the woman pictured in my banner?

1 comment:

Ravel said...

Haha! I'll stay w Day because the lady on yr banner exudes a kind of fun happiness (the kind Day's persona had)...
For the "coiffure", many ladies had it then. Jeri Southern...