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Saturday, April 19, 2008

God, Country And My Baby - In That Order

Artist: Chico Holiday
Song: Fools (b-side) (a-side is God, Country And My Baby)
Label: Coral 62291
Number: 111,135
Songwriters: John Dolan - Chico Holiday
Time: 2:34
Released: 1961

Chico Holiday was born Ralph Vergolino in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on August 24th, 1934. When he debuted, he was apparently promoted as a teen idol. He even had one of his early hits written by Sonny James, Young Ideas. Other songs included Your Kid Sister, Lulu Had A Baby, God, Country And My Baby, Blue Tattoo, It Won't Be Me, I Believe I Believe, Rockin', Johnny Was Late For The Wedding, Cuckoo Girl and Rockin' Horse To Rockin' Chair. These were recorded for several different labels. Other than the fact that he later became a gospel singer and is now the head minister at Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda church, in California, I couldn't find out much about him. But, today's song is good.
Fools, was the flipside of a 1961 single and is a song he co-wrote. It features a very impassioned vocal, sang with a strong, teen idol kind of delivery. I can't find where it was ever a hit record, but one listen to it and you'll agree that it could and should have been. So, please give a listen to Chico Holiday as he sings Fool. You won't be a fool for doing so!

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