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Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Blonde Bombshell

Artist: Mamie Van Doren
Song: Oo Ba La Baby (a-side, track 2) (b-side includes Go Go Calypso! and Rollin' Stone)
Label: Prep M1-1
Number: F1-1
Songwriters: Les Baxter - Lennie Adelson - Eddie Cochran
Time: 2:20
Released: 1957

This track and the three others on this mini-album 45 are all taken from the Warner Brothers movie Untamed Youth. The film starred the voluptuous Mamie Van Doren as one of two sisters who, while hitchhiking to Los Angeles, stop in a small rural town to go skinny-dipping. They get caught and sentenced to work on a cotton farm until they can pay off their debt. (I'm not making this up.) The producers of this film wasted little opportunity to show Ms. Van Doren in her underwear or while wearing tight-fitting sweaters. If this sounds like the makings of a teen-exploitation flick from the Fifties, you would be right. It was also one of the first motion pictures ever banned by the Catholic Church.
None of this, however, should detract you from the glories of the song Oo Ba La Baby, or Mamie Van Doren's singing. Both of them are catchy and forcefully delivered. If the name of one of the songwriters seems familiar, It should. It belongs to one of early Rock and Roll's lost pioneers - Eddie Cochran. Cochran was killed in 1960, involved in a limo accident while on tour in England. But, on this song, which he also plays guitar, it's quite evident he had something to say for the youth of America. I've never seen the film, but have read where Cochran had a small role in it. But, enough of him. If you saw the film in it's initial release, it was probably because of Mamie.
Mamie Van Doren is still around, and if possible, better looking than ever! If you don't believe me, go check out her website here. But, not until you've downloaded Oo Ba La Baby by Mamie Van Doren and given it a listen to!

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