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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Perfect-Lee Peggy

Artist: Peggy Lee
Song: Oh! No! (Please Don't Go) (b-side) (a-side is Ooh That Kiss)
Label: Decca 9-29534 (Pink Label Promotional - Not For Sale)
Number: 45-L 8179
Songwriters: Lucky Thompson - Gee Wilson (Gene Wilson)
Time: 2:42
Released: June 6th, 1955

Today's post is a catchy little Peggy Lee number entitled Oh! No! (Please Don't Go). It was recorded on the same day, February 11th, 1955, as it's a-side Ooh That Kiss. While the a-side has seen further release on at least one collection, an import CD from 1998, this little nugget has never been included on an album.
Born on May 26th, 1920, Peggy Lee had a career that lasted from 1941, when she joined Benny Goodman's band, until her death in January 2002. In that period, she recorded more than 600 songs and wrote many more. She was truly an American legend in music.

Now, go and give a listen to the voice, about which Frank Sinatra had this to say: "Her wonderful talent should be studied by all vocalists; her regal presence is pure elegance and charm." Peggy Lee sings Oh! No! (Please Don't Go).

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