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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Now Appearing On The Gary Moore Show

Artist: Denise Lor
Song: Everything I Do (Concerto Of Love) (b-side) (a-side is You're Everywhere)
Label: 20th Fox 45-114 (MF-145) (Cloud Label, Promotion Copy - Not For Sale)
Number: JBOW-9969
Songwriter: Victor Young - Eddie Heyman
Time: 2:43
Released: ?

I can't find much information at all about Denise Lor. Other than the fact that she was on the Garry Moore show from 1950-64, had a #8 hit in 1954 called If I Give My Heart To You, and was one of the classiest girl singers of the fabulous fifties, there is next to nothing about her on the internet. I suspect this record is from a later period. On it she is backed by Hugo Montenegro and his orchestra. The flipside was probably the intended hit, but I can't seem to locate that it even made the charts, so that's no help. I think I'll just leave you with the impassioned singing of Denise Lor while she performs Everything I Do. Listen to it and that's probably all you need to see that she was a very good singer!
As always, if anybody can provide more information about any of these fine artists, please don't hesitate to comment and let me know.
August 17th, 2010 Update: Apparently since this post about Denise, she has come back into the public eye. There has been a little information posted about her on Wikipedia and I received an interesting little tidbit about her through some e-mail correspondence. Here are both bits of information:
Wikipedia: Denise Lor (born May 3, 1929) is an American popular singer and actress.
She was a featured artist on Garry Moore's television show. Ms. Lor was married to and subsequently divorced from TV director and singer Jay Martin, with whom she had sons, Ron and Dennis. They had met when she was singing on The Garry Moore Show at CBS, where he was an associate director. She subsequently married writer Charles Horine (Chuck Horner). Her main hit was "If I Give My Heart to You," which charted in 1954 at the same time as another recording of the same song by Doris Day. She has appeared in numerous musical comedies including Gypsy, Annie and Sweeney Todd.
Related to her appearances on the Garry Moore show: Ivan T. Sanderson, naturalist, author, World War II intelligence agent and media personality, used to appear every week on the Garry Moore daytime show in the 1950's, and he used to do things to Denise Lor like put bats in her hair and release bees while she was onstage singing.
Well, there you have just a little bit more information about Denise Lor. It looks like she's still alive, so if she is, please let her know that her fans remember her well and I wish she would contact me here at Music For Every Mood. I'm sure her fans would like to hear from her!


harriet said...

After reading comment Denise Lor I thought i would mention, Ijust put her song on face book. The song is, If I give my heart to you. Loved it.. She was a lovely years ago, probably stil is...

Dolly Madison said...

There are a number of clips of the Garry Moore show on YouTube (pity there's not more), which include Denise:

I think there's a couple more, but I can't think of their names at the moment. :) That's interesting, I wasn't aware that she may be still alive! She'd be in her nineties (Ken Carson, also in those videos, would be 98 this year). I'm writing a web page for Ken, and it will include a couple pictures of Denise as well. the URL will be,%20Dolly.htm#Ken_Carson

:) Interesting blog post! I'm always happy to learn more about Ken's colleagues!

Dolly Madison said...

Correction:I think Denise would be in her eighties. She was about ten years younger than Kenny, I believe. I'd have to look again. I would love to track her down and drill her full of questions......

HaarFager said...

You are correct, Dolly. If she was born on May 3rd, 1929, that would make her 83 if she is still living. Maybe someone that knows her today will comment and tell her about the fans she still has.